About Me

I am a 24 year old happily married plus-size vegan pole dancing volunteer with a healthy appetite, a lot of tattoos and long-ass legs! I am mama to a beautiful fur and fin-family and spend a lot of my time with animals, either our own or the residents at Horse Sense Wirral where I volunteer every week. I also write the monthly newsletter for the charity and hold monthly stalls at local pet shops to raise awareness. I’m looking to live a simple but busy life, I realised I like the simple things. Going home to my husband every night and waking up to him each morning, working a job where I am physically active and able to talk to new people every day, being in nature as much as possible and caring for animals every day, eating good food, spending time with the people who matter and becoming a stronger pole dancer – those are the things that matter to me, that’s what makes me tick.

Basically this blog is intended for me to express some of my inner ramblings and to document my life journey so far! It turns out I like to write, and I have a lot to say, so it made sense to stop bugging my family and friends with all my rants, and start noting them down here instead. My name is Cate and welcome to my life!


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